Hopeful Hearts Adoptables

HOPEFUL HEARTS is proud to offer these wonderful dogs for adoption. Won't you make one of these a permanent , new addition to your family. The love you will get in return is invaluable!

If you are interested in adopting one of our little angels, please fill out an adoption application and email it to adopting@hopefulhearts.ca or fax it to Hopeful Hearts at 613-686-6606.

Common myths about pet adoption here

Arnie came from a puppy mill seizure outside of Montreal. He came to us with some significant medical issues and some degree of visual and hearing impairments that needed to be sorted out so we could get him in tip top shape... MORE!
Babe first came into our care with her sister Pebbles after being surrendered by their previous owner. Babe was raised in the country as a breeding dog by a backyard breeder. Since coming into our care, we have seen a huge change in Babe’s behaviour. She is now much more confident and loves running, chewing on raw hides... MORE!
Baggio is an incredibly sweet, gentle and cuddly 4-year-old Labrador retriever. He was used as a breeding dog in Lebanon until he got an eye infection and he lost his sight... MORE!
Callie is a typical Rotti, she wants to please her person and always be around them. Callie is very obedient and knows all basic commands. She listens well off leash, loves to chase a Frisbee and to play fetch... MORE!
* Not yet available due to health issues

Charlotte is a lovely and good-natured 6-year old Rottweiler. She was surrendered to a shelter in Ohio due to a disease she has called masticatory muscle myositis... MORE!

Chloe was found with her brother Stanley on a remote, dirt road before she came to Hopeful Hearts. About three years old, she’s a touchingly sweet beagle with big, brown eyes that will make you melt... MORE!
Coco is a special dog who is looking for her special companion, willing to show her some much-deserved compassion. This mature lady has been through the ringer – her past is unknown... MORE!
Gunner is a beautiful, bouncy, Boxer mix that has been waiting patiently for his forever home. This intelligent and energetic boy is looking for an experienced owner who will embrace the youthful exuberance of the Boxer breed... MORE!
Little Ms. Lucie is a quite the wonderful companion for someone who is looking for a couch potato. Lucie likes to snuggle but on her own terms, she doesn’t hear very well so is being trained with hand signals and needs to know where you are... MORE!
Luna is a large Lab Retriever mix, a senior lady of 15 years that has a zest for living of most dogs half her age. Luna is sweet and kind and very gentle and loving... MORE!
Hi I'm Maggie! I'm the happiest dog you'll ever meet. Sometimes people stop me on the street to ask why I'm so happy. I think it's because I'm always smiling. Also I walk with a cute waddle... MORE!
Marbles is a 10 year old pomeranian that came to Hopeful Hearts from a puppy mill. He is still quite scared, but he is getting better every day... MORE!
Nala is an extremely affectionate girl with a very striking appearance. She often thinks she's a 60 lb lap dog, and will happily sit next to or on you, demanding scratches... MORE!
Pebbles first came into our care with her sister Babe after being surrendered by their previous owner. Pebbles was raised in the country as a breeding dog by a backyard breeder. Since coming into our care, we have seen a huge change in Pebbles’ behaviour. She is now much more confident and loves running, chewing on raw hides... MORE!
Scooter is a bright dog with lots of initiative. He learns quickly what is wanted of him, so teaching him can be fun as long as you teach him the right things to do... MORE!
Meet one of our newest arrivals to Canada! She arrived all the way from Lebanon from our friends at Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA). As is the case with many of our Lebanon dogs, Teddy had been rescued off the streets... MORE!
* Not yet available

Timber is approximately 2 years old - big, strong, energetic and with a big personality once he gets to know and trust you. It does take Timber some time to feel comfortable with people he doesn't know and he displays a great deal of fear until he feels he can trust you... MORE!

* Special medical needs

I was originally named Tiny Tim due to my malformed leg and the holiday season, but really, give a guy a break. I was renamed, aptly so, shortly after my arrival at my foster family when they realized I have a commanding personality. Don't let my size fool you!... MORE!

Willie is a great little guy, learns quickly and once he trusts you, will do anything for you. He came up from Kentucky, so the cold and snow initially affected how he felt in the world. Now he likes to bury his head in it and find out what's underneath it all!... MORE!