Hopeful Hearts Adoptables

HOPEFUL HEARTS is proud to offer these wonderful dogs for adoption. Won't you make one of these a permanent , new addition to your family. The love you will get in return is invaluable!

If you are interested in adopting one of our little angels, please fill out an adoption application and email it to adopting@hopefulhearts.ca or fax it to Hopeful Hearts at 613-686-6606.

Common myths about pet adoption here

Babe first came into our care with her sister Pebbles after being surrendered by their previous owner. Babe was raised in the country as a breeding dog by a backyard breeder. Since coming into our care, we have seen a huge change in Babe’s behaviour. She is now much more confident and loves running, chewing on raw hides... MORE!
Bo is a loving dog in need of an owner that offers him compassion and understanding. He is a cocker-spaniel /poodle mix, tan in colour, and weighs less than 20 pounds. Bo was first rescued from the cold winter streets of Montreal in 2012, and spent several months in animal shelters and foster care... MORE!
Bree is a perfect little puppy. She doesn’t get into trouble even when her foster brother and sisters encourage her. She loves to play with the other dogs... MORE!
Brodie is an absolute sweetheart and is great with other dogs (small and large). He loves to be outside even on cold days and is always up for a walk. Brodie is crate trained and very much enjoys knowing this is his special space... MORE!
Callie is a typical Rotti, she wants to please her person and always be around them. Callie is very obedient and knows all basic commands. She listens well off leash, loves to chase a Frisbee and to play fetch... MORE!
* Not yet available due to health issues

Charlotte is a lovely and good-natured 6-year old Rottweiler. She was surrendered to a shelter in Ohio due to a disease she has called masticatory muscle myositis... MORE!

Generally Cuddles is a great gentle girl. She has a bit of possessiveness, but will not fight. She likes to be the center of attention. She is food oriented, so she will listen easily for treats... MORE!
If you are looking for a little bundle of fluff that loves being pampered you've found him. There is nothing Eric loves better than being in someone's arms where he will snuggle contentedly... MORE!
Meet Fraya. She was recently dropped off at a shelter in Quebec for reasons unknown. Fraya is completely trained (in French) and will obey all basic commands easily. She is also housetrained as well as crate trained... MORE!
Gigi is an absolute sweetheart. The cutest little thing ever. Gigi is quite content to hang around the house curled up on a dog bed or blanket. She's not very active anymore due to her limited mobility in her back end... MORE!
Gunner is a beautiful, bouncy, Boxer mix that has been waiting patiently for his forever home. This intelligent and energetic boy is looking for an experienced owner who will embrace the youthful exuberance of the Boxer breed... MORE!
Hi my name is Honey Dew, and I am a super duper Velcro dog who just loves following my foster mom or brother around the house. I am also a sock thief; I don’t eat them I just like to carry them around... MORE!
* Needs an experienced home

Ice came to Hopeful Hearts in mid December. This little boy lived his life outdoors and we think mostly running free, so it was a big adjustment for him to come in to a home and live with his foster family. He was at a shelter for over a month and with their help was starting on the first steps of his new life... MORE!

Jasmine is a very sweet, very smart girl. She has excellent leash manners and is very good off-leash too. Jasmine LOVES to chase toys at the park, and loves to go outside for walks and hikes... MORE!
*Not yet available

Sweet Jerome comes from a hoarding situation. He wasn’t doing well at the SPCA so they called Hopeful Hearts to come to the rescue! Jerome is now in a home environment and has a doggy sister who is teaching him that the world is not a bad place... MORE!

“Lefty’ is a beautiful little boy named because of his left white paw. Very charming little boy who was born in his foster home, Momma came from a shelter pregnant. Lefty is very friendly... MORE!
Levi is an incredibly sweet dog, who will melt your heart immediately. Aside from his white whiskers and occasional grumpiness he does not act like a 15 yr old dog. He is calm and mostly well-behaved in the house, curling up on his bed or the floor wherever you are... MORE!
*Not available for adoption at this time
Lily is a very sweet, gentle loving girl. She loves to follow everyone around the house and gets along amazingly with her foster sisters. Love to go for walks... MORE!
Luna is a large Lab Retriever mix, a senior lady of 12 years that has a zest for living of most dogs half her age. Once Luna gets to know you, she is a quiet gentle female... MORE!
Hi I'm Maggie! I'm the happiest dog you'll ever meet. Sometimes people stop me on the street to ask why I'm so happy. I think it's because I'm always smiling. Also I walk with a cute waddle... MORE!
Marbles is a 10 year old pomeranian that came to Hopeful Hearts from a puppy mill. He is still quite scared, but he is getting better every day... MORE!
Max is a very sweet, shy boy, who wants nothing more than a soft place to snooze and for someone to give him the cuddles and belly rubs he loves and justly deserves! He was terrified when he came to us but within 3 days bonded closely with his foster mom... MORE!
Lovely Max was born on May 31st to a Corgie/Shelti Momma in our home. Mom came from Shelter pregnant. Max is a big happy playful boy who’s tail wags constantly for people... MORE!
Milo loves to sit in your lap. Actually he is a little uncomfortable if being on the couch. That goes for the bed also. He will stay on it with Bogey his foster brother for a few minutes but then goes down to sleep in his cushion... MORE!
Mollie came to Hopeful Hearts as an owner surrender. She is a very sweet, bright girl who loves to be around her people and loves to give kisses. Inside she is typically greyhound... MORE!
* Not yet available
Mozart comes to us from a SPCA seizure for neglect. He's a BIG boy, over 150lbs, and still putting on weight, he has all the standard St Bernard traits, big, affectionate and loving. Gets along well with other dogs, but tends to intimidate some, at first... MORE!
Nala is an extremely affectionate girl with a very striking appearance. She often thinks she's a 60 lb lap dog, and will happily sit next to or on you, demanding scratches... MORE!
Nanook was found abandoned in a snow bank in Kuujjuarapik, Nunavik. A caring lady walking by saw Nanook crying and shivering, she brought him home with her. Nanook's journey began, he flew from Kuujjuarapik to Montreal. His foster Mom met him at the airport and drove back to Ottawa... MORE!
* On Hold

Peanut is an adorable little 12 year old Pom who came in with his Mom Lucky. Sadly his Dad had to go into a home as he is suffering dementia and this left Peanut and Lucky without a home... MORE!

Pebbles first came into our care with her sister Babe after being surrendered by their previous owner. Pebbles was raised in the country as a breeding dog by a backyard breeder. Since coming into our care, we have seen a huge change in Pebbles’ behaviour. She is now much more confident and loves running, chewing on raw hides... MORE!
This handsome young man is Rocky - a little skinny for a Saint Bernard at 145 lbs, but he's only two years old, so he still has some filling out to do. May be Saint x Great Dane, he's so leggy... MORE!
I am the happiest dog my foster mom has ever met! I am intrigued by everything and everyone. I am approximately 8 years old, but don't let my age fool you! I have lived with dogs and cats, and get along with both, although, I prefer girl dogs over boys... MORE!
Hi everyone, my name is Simba and I am 15 years young! Hard to believe I know, but let me tell you that my age does not get in the way of my enjoying my life. I am a lover of belly rubs and walks in the grass...and lying in the grass...and rolling in the grass...and eating the grass... MORE!
*Not yet available due to medical reasons

Sophie is a sweetheart. She loves to cuddle on the couch and give/receive affection. She is quiet (rarely barks) and likes to be with people and other dogs... MORE!

Dear little Squeak is a maltese/papillon mix (I think!) from Quebec. She is a wee little girl of about 5 pounds and about 9 years of age. Squeak was found as a stray... MORE!
Stockwell came to Hopeful Hearts from a shelter after being found as a stray. It is obvious that someone really loved Stockwell, he is a happy dog who loves people... MORE!
Thor was found as a stray in Gatineau and has patches of fur missing on his upper body. They may be burn marks or a skin disease. We will try to figure this out soon. Thor needs a home with someone who has patience... MORE!
* Not yet available

Timber is approximately 2 years old - big, strong, energetic and with a big personality once he gets to know and trust you. It does take Timber some time to feel comfortable with people he doesn't know and he displays a great deal of fear until he feels he can trust you... MORE!

* Special medical needs

I was originally named Tiny Tim due to my malformed leg and the holiday season, but really, give a guy a break. I was renamed, aptly so, shortly after my arrival at my foster family when they realized I have a commanding personality. Don't let my size fool you!... MORE!

Toby Keith is a 25-pound bundle of joy. He’s a very loving, well-mannered senior dog. He absolutely loves chasing any toy and hopes for your affection 24/7... MORE!
* On Hold

Willie is a great little guy, learns quickly and once he trusts you, will do anything for you. He came up from Kentucky, so the cold and snow initially affected how he felt in the world. Now he likes to bury his head in it and find out what's underneath it all!... MORE

* Not yet available due to health reasons

Willow is a gorgeous, happy girl who just loves to get belly rubs. She will beside you for as long as you are willing to give her some lovey's. When you first meet this pretty girl, you will immediately see how happy and excitable she is... MORE